Custom Sheaves and Pins: Featured Project

March 17, 2020

Our customer sent us photos of a Sheave and Pin that was worn after years of use, they were looking for a replacement. The sheaves they needed had an outer diameter of 12”, were grooved for 7/8” wire rope and were equipped with a self-lubricating bronze bushing.


The Need: 

Replacement Sheaves and Pins for a barge to raise and lower spuds. 


The Solution: 

Sheaves Canada obtained all required dimensions and reverse-engineered their product. In house, we created 3-D models and 2-D detailed drawings. Using these drawings we custom manufactured and completed a total of 12 custom sheaves and pins.


Sheaves Canada is your partner for custom sheaves. We will work directly with you to ensure your needs are met with fast lead times.